Greenheart announces Renewable Energy Training courses

Greenheart Energy are progressing the development of a residential training centre for renewable energies. Greenheart are initially looking at photovoltaics, with the view of expanding into all other aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Working alongside SCHOTT Solar, Greenheart’s technology partner, attendees would be offered a 3 day residential course covering all aspect of photovoltaics, both theoretical and practical. The site, which is located in Gloucestershire, is ideally located for its accessibility and its facilities.

David Eyre, director of Greenheart Energy says “We have seen a rapid increase in the interest of renewable energies within the last 10 months due to the slots online Government’s Feed-in Tariff. This is great and encouraging, but it has highlighted the need to look in more detail at how Greenheart is going to be able to be able to meet the demand. By having our own internal installation course and facilities, it means that we can be in control and demonstrate that Greenheart can fulfil large scale installations”.

The training courses are planned to commence in the 1st quarter of 2011 and anyone interested in Greenheart’s training development can find out further information by contacting them at 0844 800 3353.

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