Act NOW to ensure your large scale PV projects are installed in time

The Government has started tinkering again with the feed-in tariffs. The last time they did this it had a big impact on the renewable energy industry, confusing matters and delaying projects. This time they are trying to stop the whole of the South West being covered in photovoltaic panels.

The announcement has called for a cap on the maximum size of a PV system to be restricted at 50kWp. By doing so the are immediately stopping small and medium businesses installing a renewable energy system that is business integrated, reducing the need to import energy from fossil fuel sources.

David Eyre, Director of Greenheart Energy says “We have been working with a number of organisations and businesses, such as dairy farms, manufacturing companies and other high energy users, to incorprate photovoltaic systems onto their buildings. The majority of the energy produced by the PV panels will be used on-site, exactly what the Feed-in Tariff was meant to promote. This announcement does not help the renewable energy industry in the UK. This Government is promoting itself as the greenest, but every week slots we hear how they are changing this, changing that. Putting a cap at 50kWp is stopping companies that are using a lot of energy from incorporating such systems to reduce their dependence on traditional sources of energy – 50kWp isn’t very big system. As on as systems are business integrated and the majority of energy produced used on-site or locally, then large systems such as 1MWp should be accomodated in the Feed-in Tariff.”

Despite the announcement Greenheart Energy are confident that by partnering both SCHOTT solar (photovoltaic manufacturers) and ETDE (Greenheart’s installation partner for large scale photovoltaic projects) they can install and commission up to 3 solar parks by the time the announcements come into force, as long as financing, grid connection and planning are already in place.

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