SCHOTT received Excellent Rating for its photovoltaic modules

Once again, SCHOTT Solar AG has provided impressive proof of its high standards of quality. In the PV test conducted by TÜV Rheinland and the solar energy knowledge service provider Solarpraxis AG, Schott’s double-glass module SCHOTT Poly 290 came out on top with an assessment of “very good (-)”.

There are already well over 500 manufacturers of modules on today’s photovoltaics market, meaning that investors, installers, planners of solar power plants and consumers need help
choosing the right ones. The international IEC standards, as minimum requirements, are not sufficient for this on their own, while tests by the German Stiftung Warentest consumer organisation have up until now only been conducted at irregular intervals, mostly of several years. For this reason, Solarpraxis AG and the technical services provider TÜV Rheinland have joined forces to develop an independent seal of quality to certify adherence to the highest of standards. “The problem in the photovoltaics market is that some of the certified modules available are still not of optimum quality despite the certifications or do not comply with the actual certification standards. This was our reason for introducing this testing system as an additional quality measure – we’ve generated reliable data that consumers can trust”, says Wilhelm Vaaßen, head of Regenerative Energies at TÜV Rheinland.

“Once again, the excellent results prove us right with our strategy of putting quality first. Our modules provide investors and operators of solar systems with a reliable basis for planning throughout the entire life of the system”, explains Dr. Martin Heming, CEO at SCHOTT Solar AG.

All of SCHOTT’s photovoltiac modules are manufactured to the same high standards, so the quality for the panels will be excellent no matter which module you use in your project.

Greenheart Energy’s Chairman, Mike Eyre added “As an engineer quality has always played a key role in sourcing equipment in all our Greenheart’s energy projects, including photovoltaics. These results confirm that by partnering SCHOTT here in the UK and South Africa, we have made the right choice. Installing a photovoltaic system in the UK is an investment; longevity and performance of the modules is paramount when looking at the returns generated by the Feed-in Tariff. By using SCHOTT we are confident that all of our projects will deliver the performance and returns our customers require”.

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