Wind Turbines

Greenheart Energy Ltd

Corporate Statement

To research and deliver solutions for sustainability.

Corporate Vision

To be a leader in the drive for sustainability.

Greenheart Energy Ltd is a renewable energy company that focuses on the project management and integration of sustainable energy equipment. Greenheart’s management has considerable experience of delivering large scale energy projects in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, including South America, Southern Africa, Asia and Europe.

Through its amalgamation with Hitech Energy Ltd, Greenheart has been involved in renewable energies since 1999. Greenheart has vast experience in a number of technologies, including solar thermal, heat pumps, photovoltaics, wind power, biomass and biofuels.

With performance and quality being key within Greenheart’s philosophy, only market leading products and components are used within the systems Greenheart provides and installs. Customers can be confident that the system will not fail and will deliver when required.

Greenheart Energy works with a number of institutions in order to assist in the advancement of renewable technologies, both in terms of knowledge transfer and energy experience.

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