Wind Turbines

David Eyre



David Eyre is a Director of Greenheart Energy and at 32 the youngest member of the team. His early training and competency development was undertaken at Zurich Financial Services, where he rose rapidly from a basic pension clerk to special projects manager for the CEO, implementing companywide business development rollout projects throughout the Zurich organisation.

Moving to Misys Financial Systems, a FTSE 100 company at that time, David was responsible for Client interface and service delivery to multi location financial services companies, ensuring the quality and performance of new information technology systems.

He committed to Greenheart upon its origination over 5 years ago and has been the driving force behind its development on a day to day basis. David has gained a unique understanding from the practical installation perspective of how commercial benefits can be optimised using emerging renewable energy technology, specifically to the regulated markets of the UK and South Africa.

David’s economic analysis and firsthand knowledge of installation of renewable energy in the UK is used as reference information by Royal Bank of Scotland and the Cooperative Bank, who are the recognised UK leader in renewable energy finance.

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