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Greenheart have been installing solar thermal systems since 1999 and have seen the market and technology develop.

We have experience in working in a number of different system configurations, including domestic systems, community schemes and industrial and commercial applications. Greenheart have also installed a number of different solar thermal technologies, including flat plate collectors, evacuated tubes, twin coil cylinders, thermal stores and industrial systems.

Even with the unpredictable climate of the UK, you can still expect a well designed solar thermal system to provide 70% of your hot water requirements. Unlike photovoltaics, the energy from a solar thermal system cannot be exported and will need to be used on-site in some form. As such it is important to design the system well so that in the summer months the system does not produce too much hot water.

Our previous solar thermal customers include Carillion PLC, University of Warwick, Friends of the earth, European Commission and Staffordshire County Council.

  • Solar Thermal Summary


    Relatively low maintenence costs.

    Can provide a significant proportion of the annual hot water needs. This is often in the region of 70%

    A system can be sized to suit hot water requirements whether domestic, industrial or commerical applications

    Requires less area than photovoltaics


    Will not provide full annual hot water requirements

    Should not be used as a primary source of heating requirement.

    Will require the replacement of the existing hot water cylinder in most cases

    May require an alteration of existing heating / hot water system


    Estimates range from £3500 upwards, depending on the size and type of system


    Most domestic, commercial and industrial hot water systems

    Swimming pools

    Nursing Homes

    Schools & colleges


    Community and leisure centres

    Food industry that require large amounts of hot water

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