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Below gives an idea whether a solar thermal system is suitable for your project. Greenheart’s solar thermal experts will work with you to design a system that would suit your specific requirements.

A Southerly facing roof

Being due south will give the best possible performance of the modules, although being within 45 degrees of south is suitable. The roof will need to be pitched between 15 – 50 degrees with the best performance around 33 degrees.

In the event of a flat roof, A-frames are used to mount the modules on and can be pitched and orientated to suit.

It is also possible to install panels on a “stand-alone” structure.

Minimum overshadowing

The performance of a solar thermal system is affected by the amount of the sun’s energy received. As such, overshadowing (trees, buildings or other obstacles) should be kept to a minimum. Although the orientation of the roof might be ideal, if it is overshadowed, then the system’s performance will reduce.

At least 2mtrs² of roof space

A solar thermal system that provides a useful amount of heat for hot water would normally start around 2mtrs².

Do I need Planning Permission

As a general rule we have found that planning permission is not required for solar thermal, unless you live in a conservation area or your property is listed. However, we would recommend that you consult your local planning office for confirmation as we have found that not all planning departments are the same.

For larger commercial projects it is normally a requirement to get in contact with the local planning department to discuss the project and understand whether permits are required.

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